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Understanding the stages of Online Brand Interaction

Online brand interaction with a brand is like dating. First, the person notices your company, and eventually, they start to view you as an ally and someone they can trust. As with a dating relationship, you want to gradually build a strong bond without overwhelming the other person with information about yourself.


Successful brand building is more like a slow dance than a sprint. It’s something that’s created over time, but will, when done well, yield results for years and years to come.

The stages of online brand interaction


1. Awareness. Having potential customers become aware of your company is the first stage. Consequently, to attract them, you should define your target customer, create content specifically for that customer. After that, you put that content where your target customer is likely to notice it.


2. Consideration. The next stage is where a potential customer decides if your brand is a good fit for him or her compared with your competitors or with other things they can spend their money on. To help your potential customers at this stage, you might offer a free trial of your product or offer a demonstration.



The moment we are all waiting for. Drums, please!



3. Action. As a result of a flawless experience, the next stage is where a potential customer decides to purchase your product or service. (The desired action might also be signing up for your seminar or RSVPing to an event.) Excellent customer service is essential at this stage to make sure your new customer has a good experience with your company.


But wait! Surely there’s more to brand building than sales.



4. Retention. The retention stage answers whether the customer would consider purchasing from you again. Good communication is essential at this stage. It is important to realize that you want to “touch” your customer with marketing at least seven times a month. This can be using any combination of email messages, text messages, content on your website, or social media posts.



And the Holy Grail of marketing is called…



5. Advocacy. Will your customer recommend your brand to their friends, family, and social media followers? Will he or she remain loyal to your brand? Continued communication is necessary to solidify your brand in that customer’s mind.



Making the stages of online brand interaction work for you



For this reason, once you understand how to plan your strategy according to these main customer stages, you need to plan specific types of content for each step of the customer journey.

This will ultimately attract, convert, close, and delight your customers. To clarify, we explain each of these stages in more depth and what actions you need to take when in our latest video on YouTube.



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