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What Makes A Brand Memorable





There’s a lot that goes into building a brand – and it isn’t something you can afford to take lightly. Your brand is how people think of you, your company. It is integral in forming their perceptions of you, your business, and your products or services.


There’s no denying it. Brand building is very important for business success.


Elements of a Brand


Many people mistakenly believe that a brand is nothing more than a snappy business name and an eye-catching logo.


They are wrong.


It is so much more! Yes, a great business name and cool logo are important, but it doesn’t end there. Other elements of branding include colors, fonts, graphics, persona, voice, style, standards of communication and content, reputation, ethics, customer service standards, and even your products. It’s all factors into creating a brand your customers can connect with, identify, and trust.



The function of a Memorable Brand


A brand’s success is driven by consistency and reputation. Specific colors, fonts, logo, and graphics that are used consistently make a brand easily recognizable. Think about the branding of some famous companies like McDonald’s and Starbucks. You probably don’t even need to see the company name to know what business you are dealing with just by viewing one of their marketing graphics or logos.


A successful brand delivers what it promises and authentically cares about its customers. It is very customer-centric, placing him or her in the very center of all the company’s activities.


It speaks to the customers’ WHY.


How to Build a Memorable Brand


First of all, building a memorable brand takes time. When you think about it, all the memorable brands have a common thread. They are focused on providing an exceptional customer experience, but how their product designs impact the world is also held in high regard. They have specific characteristics that set them apart from the pack.


Second, great brands have a higher purpose, engaged employees, conscious communication, agility, and an empathetic, present, evolving relationship with their customers.


A memorable brand leads the way by creating value on all levels, a well-thought-out customer journey, sustainable ways of making their products meaningful communication, and a mission to build a better tomorrow.


In this new, emerging economy, VALUE is the new currency. How can you drive value through your brand? Three elements will get you there:



  • A commitment to delivering what your marketing strategy promises
  • A balance of profit and purpose
  • A priority to be more significant rather than more successful

A memorable brand MEANS something. What’s yours?




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